TECHNISERV, Ltd. is a leader in airport technologies and integration of aeronautical ground equipment and currently operates on 3 continents (Europe, Latin America and Africa).

We are engaged in the construction and modernization of civil and military airports and heliports, which we supply with the newest technologies and systems:

  • radio communication systems for air traffic control,
  • radio navigation system (ILS, DVOR, NDB),
  • lighting navigation systems,
  • electrical supply of lighting systems and ground power supplies,
  • central control and monitoring systems and devices.

We provide our clients complex services:

  • Feasibility study, operational report of the project, selection of adequate locality and area for construction
  • Proposal of technical solution and design of heliport
  • Project documentation
  • Assistance for obtaining the building permits to for the heliport
  • Engineering
  • Complex realization of the project
  • Implementation of the project and supervision of realization
  • System integration and maintenance
  • Flight check
  • Preparation of operations manual
  • Supervision of safety and operation regulations



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