Main airports and heliports projects

„In the last seven years, we have installed lighting and navigation systems on every single heliport that has been built or reconstructed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia" Roman Danda, CEO

Air Navigation Service Provider of the Slovak republic:
we built complete radio network and currently we prepare complex replacement of radionavigation equipment.
Kosice International Airport - complete installation of lighting system to level up the category of the airport.
Prievidza Airport - installation of the lighting system.
Construction and modernization of heliports
- National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases
- Ruzinov Hospital

We supply Univesity of Zilina and Technical University of Kosice with flight simulators and flight laboratories.

Czech Republic
Air Rescu Service:
in two years we have built five hospital heliports for the czech Air Rescue Service.
Prague Airport: installation of technological parts of the lighting system.
Aerodrom Prerov: installation of technological parts of the lighting system.
Benesov Airport: On a green gras field, we have built a paved airport with illuminated runway in three months.
Airport Ceske Budejovice: installation of the lighting system a navigation system.
Czech Armed Forces (CAF): installation of the lighting system a navigation system. For CAF we performe regular measurements of the lighting system at four airports using our mobile laboratory.

We perform regular flight check of radio comunication and radio navigation systems at ten airports and other radio navigation points out of the airports.We supple cuban airports with lighting systems, parts for radiocommunications system and other equipments.

We are currently installing radio navigation and radio communiation systems at two airports and we are giong to install these systems at another three airports in Senegal in the next two years.


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