Technological construction and modernization of heliports

TECHNISERV, Ltd. works at complex realization and solutions of heliports.
We provide for construction and technical equipment of new heliports as well as modernisation of existing ones. For our customers, we offer array of solutions of highest quality and reliability including accessories for day and night marking of heliport, obstacle lights, spotlights, identification light beacons, approach lighting system, visual approach slope indicator system, wind direction indicator, radio communication, radio navigation systems and systems of fire protection.

In these solutions we provide:

  • Feasibility study, operational report of the project, selection of adequate locality and area for heliport construction
  • Proposal of technical solution and design of heliport
  • Project documentation for heliport
  • Assistance for obtaining the building permits to for the heliport
  • Engineering
  • Complex realization of the project
  • Implementation of the project and supervision upon its realization
  • System integration and maintenance
  • Flight check of the heliport
  • Working out of operations manual
  • Supervision of safety and operation regulations compliance

We can fulfil all requirements of customers looking for complex solutions and adequate system integration. We handle consulting and technical consulting of project with Civil Aviation Authority according to ICAO requirements.


TECHNISERV, s.r.o., is a business partner of:
- TRANSCON Electronic Systems company, which is an important manufacturer of technology for airports and heliports. Company working at solutions in special lighting technology for airports and heliports and systems for controlling and monitoring airport systems and devices.

- HELITECNICA company, which is an international manufacturer of special aluminum structures and systems used for the construction of lightweight structures and aluminum heliports.

- ADB Safegate group company, which is an important manufacturer of technology for illumination of airports and heliports. Company working at solutions in special lighting technology THORN Airfield lighting (THORN solutions), IDMAN Airfield Lighting (former Philips solutions) and ADB solutions (former Siemens solutions).

- Obelux Oy company, dealing with LED obstacle lights and delivering innovative products based on LED technology lighting for airports and heliports all over the world.

- Boschung Mecatronic AG company, which is a manufacturer of ground meteorological stations and devices for maintenance of operation areas of airports.

- JOTRON AS company, which is a prominent international manufacturer of technologies for radiocommunication systems for aviation communication ground to ground and ground to air (VHF/UHF radio communication systems), voice communications systems VCS and recording systems.


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