Flight measurement, photogrammetry and laser scanning services

Flight measurements of airports and heliports

TECHNISERV, s.r.o., provides comprehensive services in the field of flight measurement of airports and heliports, installation and periodic flight measurements, that the installed systems and equipment meet all the conditions and requirements of ICAO regulations.

Within context of flight checks measuring TECHNISERV provides flight checks measuring aeronautical ground device: ILS CAT I - III, MKR, MLS, PAR, VOR, DVOR, DME, NDB, TACAN, GBAS, VHF and UHF direct finders, radiocommunication systems, PAPI and lighting equipment installed at airports and heliports.
flight measurement

TECHNISERV, s.r.o., provides comprehensive services in the field of aerial photogrammetry and aerial 3D laser scanning for a wide range of applications in areas such as

  • Geodesy and cartography
  • Archeology
  • Mapping of line and surface structures
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • and other

In the field of performing measurements that require fast and operative solution of tasks of aerial inspections, mapping, aerial photogrammetry, LIDAR laser scanning and video, TECHNISERV for small and medium-sized projects provides realization through UAV equipment (UAV drones / UAV helicopters).


Delivery, implementation and integration of systems

AT Flight Inspection Systems

TECHNISERV, s.r.o., provides solutions for the complex implementation and delivery of AT Flight Inspection Systems and Instruments for flight measurements.

We provide comprehensive delivery, installation and integration of on-board equipment - consoles Automatic Flight Inspection System. Board console has software support, allows simple setting device before flight check also measuring. Results immediately be around, whereby ascension are digestedly worked measuring protocols with graphical illustration process measured value (parameters). Console dispatch the certificate EASA and FAA.

Board console allows flight checks measuring cited aeronautical ground device:

● ILS Categories I, II, and III● VHF Communications
● 75 MHz Marker Beacon● VASI / PAPI
● DVOR● TACAN / Custom

flight measurement

Avionics, photogrammetry, laserscan

TECHNISERV, Ltd. offers solution for complex realization and delivery aircraft, on-board systems, technological equipment and instruments:

  • aeroplanes and avionics
  • photogrammetric devices and equipment
  • ground laserscanner systems
  • aerial laserscanning equipment and systems
  • proffesional drons and UAV system

flight measurement

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