Systems and integrated solutions for civil and military airports

TECHNISERV, Ltd. deals with systems used for air traffic operation at airports and heliports, and systems navigation services. In this field we realize complex solutions for our customers starting with aviation operational evaluation through production of project documentation, engineering, realization, implementation, supervision, system integration and maintenance. 

In the field of air traffic control systems at airports and heliports and navigation services we work at complex chain of products for:

  • ground communication systems for air traffic control, we offer VCS (Voice Communication System) and VHF/UHF radio communication systems
  • ground radio navigation devices, we offer systems for direct instrumental approximation of aircrafts for landing
  • lighting systems, we offer complex solution for marking of runways and taxiways with light signals, approach lighting systems and visual approach slope indicator systems, as well as objects marking with luminous obstacle signals
  • power supply for lighting systems, we provide delivery and installation of power supplies for aeronautical ground beacons, approach lighting systems, runway and taxiway lighting system, visual approach slope indicator systems
  • controlling and monitoring devices, we offer solutions for controlling and monitoring of lighting systems, ground radio navigation devices, radio communication systems and safety systems
  • ground power supplies, we offer solutions for permanent power supply for communication, luminous technical, control, monitoring and meteorological stations
  • ground meteorological devices, we provide solutions for providing the air traffic with meteorological information regarding the direction and speed of the wind, temperature and humidity measurements, precipitation intensity, visibility, cloud weather height state of take-off and landing runway and taxiways regarding hoarfrost formation
  • ground masts and equipment, we offer complex solutions, delivery and building of tube masts and lattice masts for approach lighting systems, masts for weather monitoring, fencing masts and masts for ILS approach line of tower and Localizer antennas
  • ground cable aircraft arresting system BAK-12, we provide compex deliveries of special systems used by military aviation to achieve the arrest of the aircraft during the aborted take- off, long landing, failure of brake system of the aircraft or reduction of the coefficient of surface friction of the runway
  • rescue systems at airports, we provide deliveries of special technology and systems for centralization of rescue systems at the airports. We provide professional consultancy with the aim to increase the air traffic safety at the airports in relation with implementation of new technologies
  • multilateral systems for monitoring the operation at airports, within the framework of increasing the security and monitoring the movements at airports, we provide deliveries of complex solutions of MLAT systems for monitoring of movement of ground targets (individuals, cars, aircrafts, etc.)

We are able to carry out requirements of customers looking for complex solutions and system integration as well as provide consulting and technical discussions of projects with Civil Aviation Authority, so that the proposed solutions comply with all demands and requirements of ICAO regulations.


TECHNISERV, s.r.o., is a business partner of:
- Indra Navia company, which is a prominent world manufacturer of technologies for control the air traffic management and supervision. From wide product portfolio of manufacturers, TECHNISERV, s.r.o. works primarily at navigation system, system ILS (Instrument Landing System), MKR (Marker Beacon), DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) and DVOR (Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range), identified as NORMARC family of Navaids products.

- JOTRON AS company, which is a prominent international manufacturer of technologies for radiocommunication systems for aviation communication ground to ground and ground to air (VHF/UHF radio communication systems), voice communications systems VCS and recording systems.

- MOOG Inc company which is a prominent world manufacturer in field of supply technological systems for tactical air navigation (TACAN radionavigation systems).

- TRANSCON Electronic Systems company, which is an important manufacturer of technology for airports and heliports. Company working at solutions in special lighting technology for airports and heliports and systems for controlling and monitoring airport systems and devices.

- HELITECNICA company, which is an international manufacturer of special aluminum structures and systems used for the construction of lightweight structures and aluminum heliports.

- ADB Safegate group company, which is an important manufacturer of technology for illumination of airports and heliports. Company working at solutions in special lighting technology THORN Airfield lighting (THORN solutions), IDMAN Airfield Lighting (former Philips solutions) and ADB solutions (former Siemens solutions).

- Obelux Oy company, dealing with LED obstacle lights and delivering innovative products based on LED technology lighting for airports and heliports all over the world.

- EXEL Composites Oy company, which is a significant manufacturer of composite profiles. This company working at solutions for special frangible masts and pols for aviation industry. Its products form part of technological structures of world´s prominent airports.

- L3 Harris Corporation company, which is an important manufacturer of communication systems for air traffic navigation services.

- Boschung Mecatronic AG company, which is a manufacturer of ground meteorological stations and devices for maintenance of operation areas of airports.

- SAFRAN Aerosystem (Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation, ESCO) company, which is a manufacturer of special capture systems used by military aviation.

- ERA, a.s company, which is a manufacturer of multilateral systems of supervision (MSS) and modern ATC systems.


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